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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Hat for the Hubs

My sweet husband requested a hat.  I happily agreed to knit him one if he chose the pattern.  He settled on the Jacques Cousteau hat and I hit my new favorite yarn store for the perfect yarn.  It's taking for. ev. er.  I think it's the tiny needles.  Apparently I have "knitter's block" with this one.  I'm just going to have to get it done though. 

Also, last weekend I spent two days on youtube trying to decide if I think I'm a "magic loop" kind of gal. (exciting weekend huh?)  I've figured out the double pointed needles pretty well but it does get a little crazy with all those points.  So....any input about magic loop v/s dpn's? 

I'm yarning along with Ginny at Small Things.  My husband has been encouraging me (or driving me crazy about) reading Game of Thrones so that's the book I'm getting ready to start.  We'll see if it's as good as he says it is.  I figure if he can ready Harry Potter for me, I can read Game of Thrones for him.

In case you missed it, you should check out Part 2 of my knitting needle tutorial.  (here's Part 1)  They turned out great if I do say so myself.  Oh and come back Friday to check out the knitting needle roll I made to keep them all in.  Three posts in one week...whaaaaat?



momto5 said...

that is a nice shade of green, that is going to be a great hat. ok, so what is a "magic loop"?

City Sister said...

My husband is enthralled with the usually takes him forever to read a book, but this series is going very quickly for him.

Kristin said...

Thank you! Magic loop is where you take a long circular needle (40" or longer) and you knit a small tube by moving the piece from one needle to the other. Here's a good video tutorial.

Kristin said...

City Sister, my husband too! (both counts) He just bought the 3rd book before a really long flight.

Julia said...

I love magic loop! And I just bought my husband the set of those books for his birthday (because my friends said they really enjoyed it so I plan to snaffle them next). Lovely to find your blog through yarnalong!

*Michelle* said...

I read three of the GOT books last summer. Wonderful! #4 lost my interest, though. Sad about that.

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